dancing with LED Shoes

This Weekend

This Weekend we go Dance with LED Shoes. That would be awesome. We have seen so many Girl with the Shoes. And it Always looks damn great. The first idea of it we got on this site: Http://led-schuhe-kaufen.org/. My Friend from Germany send me this, and i love it. This looks awesome. I am not a guy watching out for some new Fashion Trends. But this is a littlle bit different. Shoes with light.

2 Reasons why i like this:

The first one is, my friends and me can use this to go out togehter and if we all have this awesome LEDs on the shoes, everybosy see, we are a group.

The Secend Reason is, i really like the Idea. Because if you are drunken and go on the Street it is more Secure with light. So other guys can see you and dont crash you with their cars or stuff like this.


But the coolest Thing about this Stuff is, if you go dancing with this, no matters you are bad or good, everybody is looking you. And this is such a big difference to other Fashion releated Stuff.


Here you can look at this and see what i am meaning:

Off course Hot Girls Dancing are alwys good. But try to watch out more to the Shoes and the light. Then you see the special.


My Friends was in the first moment a little bit scared about the Idea. But after a time, all thinking to this, we like it all. A really funny joke would be, if we come to a big Tournament in Dota and use the Shoes. So this can be our Brand. But the First Step to this is winning some Qualifier. So yeah, it can be a dream in the Future too.

I will upload some Photos and maybe a Video about our Weekend. Maybe we can pick up some Girls. You can find the Photos then on Instagramm or on Twitter. Like the funny stuff from the past. In the Future is the Plan to write more here.

So Cya guys, have good games and a nice Weekend. Bye

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We love Dota and Moba Games

Dota 2 is the Game with the most Price Money in E Sport in the World. This is not the only Reason to play this Game. This makes a lot of fun. You can play with your Team against othe Teams. So is perfect to play with Friends. Another good thing is you can chose between so many heros. It should be at the moment over 100 Heros youc an pick. Thats awesome. A Game takes like 40 Minuts. The best part is you can play with your real Live Friends. The Game is really easy to understand, so everybody can learn it fast.

A couple of Teams earn with this game some serious Money. For about 10 years nobody will belive that.


We love the Game and we will play more in the Future.


The Team

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